SUGAR is pleased to present
Working together
4.30.11 – 6.11.11
opening reception April 30, 6-9 pm

artworks by
Peter Fagundo
Doug Young

The likelihood of explaining this exhibition in a nut shell, so as to understand
the pairing of these two artists artworks, is unlikely. As Rudi Fuchs was once
overheard saying before an exhibition “You can’t explain art. A museum is about
comparison.” Though SUGAR is not a museum, and I am not a curator, the discovery of Rudi Fuchs and his endeavors has given me the confidence to continue my “uneven exhibitions”, which I prefer to be known as installations.

This installation was founded on one request: “I want to show with Pete”. SUGAR is not a collaborative project to those lengths, it might even be a stretch of the imagination. However, the admiration and respect I have for both artists is not beyond any reach and it is their loyalty and devotion to their own process, practice and vision- that make up the sole proprietorship of Working together.

449 Troutman St. #3-5, third fl.
Brooklyn (Bushwick), NY