The subjects should be seen in the larger context of dislocation and cultural hybridization. Living in New York City, I am a witness to the arrival of immigrants, and the human panorama of people of diverse cultures going about their daily lives. I have tried to dream their lives.

The collision and the intermingling of these millions of foreign-born people representing so many races and creeds, make New York a permanent exhibit of the phenomenon of one world. The citizens of New York are tolerant not only from disposition, but from necessity. Here is New York, E.B. White.

Kathleen Migliore-Newton
362 Adelphi Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Tel: (mobile) 1-917-804-2145

Winter, 40x56", oil paint on linen, 2003

Union Square, 28x39", oil paint on linen, 2010

The Light, 16x20", oil paint on linen, 2011

Summer, 41x40", oil paint on canvas, 2009

Stranger, 56x40", oil paint on linen, 2008