1)”Your Face Here,” 2010. This interactive video/sculpture aims to incite viewers to examine the cultural constraints put upon their self-image, to question our definition of feminine beauty, and to encourage a dialogue about excessive and unnecessary surgery, implants, and augmentation.

2) “Peel/Pluck/Primp,” 2010. This video piece examines the tactics women go through to obtain beauty. With the subject performing various “grooming” techniques with exaggerated sounds, I attempt to emphasize the oddness and humor of these strange rituals and to comment on how we define beauty.

3) “Pressure/Release,” 2010. This video is a collaboration with Miami-based performance artist Antonia Wright. As Antonia tediously inflates balloons one by one, she becomes exhausted and engulfed by the very balloons she creates. Her release comes from popping each one, freeing her from the balloons and all the effort she put into them. The balloons represent the overwhelming abundance and acceptance of fake breasts in today’s society.

After being formally trained as a filmmaker and photographer, I began experimenting with displaying the moving image in alternate ways. Rather than using the traditional single-screen format, my videos are displayed with multiple monitors and projectors or as part of a sculptural element. By not limiting my work to a strict definition of a format, I challenge myself technically while aiming to make a statement and engage my viewers. A recurring theme in recent projects is challenging social and identity issues, such as nationality, gender, and stereotyping. An important part of my creative process includes collecting images, experimenting, and collaborating with other artists.