FLOW ATHANOR. 55 cm x 74 cm. Silicon Carbide an ink on wood. 2011

The painting lies within the paintbrush, seeking to come out of itself. In Jérôme Karsenti’s paintings, however big they may be, no excess. The attention is always on the detail, on the imperceptible quiver, on the as yet unseen connection. Around the curve of the ribbon everything connects and resonates: the gesture of the lithographer cleaning and graining his stone. Jérome Karsenti likes to think of the obscure origin of the wind that brushes us: a flow, a swirling current which connects us to the whole.

Today, inspired as much by the old masters as our capitals of hypermodernity, of Berlin and New York, where artists like Robert Frank and Sally Man have most recently made him shudder – Jérôme Karsenti is continuing his search in a double direction which may seem intellectually contradictory, but which is easily resolved by the brush: follow an ever growing complexity of the work whilst following its purity.