I Confess, Oil on Canvas, 2007. 40" x 60"

Jason Bryant: New Work
March 11th, 2011- April 3rd, 2011
Opening 6:30-9:00pm, Friday March 11

Like the Spice Gallery
224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jason Bryant’s work explores the discourse between film and painting while using the face as a vehicle for expressing human emotion. Through his paintings, Bryant initiates a dialogue with the viewer on the impact film and popular culture has on our society. He composes his paintings in a format that captures the cinematic narrative in the images he uses.

To the viewer, his paintings can be seen as large scale film stills. By cropping his images to focus on a portion of the face, he asks the viewer to go beyond the surface of the traditional portrait image, and to think about the masks that people wear every day. Bryant’s paintings are often confrontational, yet inviting, questioning the viewer’s notions of reality and how these notions can be blurred or reinforced by film.