“Time Machine LXI” Acrylic, Plaster, Antique Hardware, Salvaged Velvet, and Metal on Wood, 2010 Size (H x W): 18” x 11.5” (total size)

“Time Machine LXIII” Acrylic, Plaster, Antique Hardware, Copper, Recycled Leather and Wood on Canvas, 2011 Size (H x W): 21.5” x 22” (total size)

“Time Machine LX (Entering The Pasture)” Acrylic, Plaster, Antique Hardware, Wood, Tubing, and Copper Pipe on Masonite, 2010 Size (H x W): 40” x 24” (total size, including attachments)

“Time Machine LI” Acrylic, Plaster, and Cable on Canvas and Hand-carved Sign Board, 2010 Size (H x W): 42” x 48.5” (total size)

“Time Box XI” Acrylic, Plaster, Antique Hardware, and Cable on Masonite 22” x 18.5” (Total Size)

My “Time Machines” series is a collection of mixed media paintings incorporating 3-dimensional, sculptural elements. The pieces, at their core, are paintings on canvas or masonite that I create by applying acrylic paints, colored plasters, and transparent glazes using a combination of airbrushing and traditional painting techniques. Then, at various stages of creating the painting, I attach real objects, such as antique or salvaged hardware, cables, and carved wood pieces, to the edges and/or the face of the painting.

My “Time Machines” evolved out of my love for turn-of-the-century aesthetics as well as the mechanical, futuristic environment that surrounds me in Chicago. I create these “machines” to look like they were constructed in 1901 by a time traveler who was renting a room from my great grandfather. As the story goes, this traveler disappeared one day and the contents of his boarding room became the possession of my great grandfather. These articles were transferred to me through a will and now I am repairing the machines and they are beginning to work again. In any case, I want my “Time Machines” to give the experience of glimpsing into another era, dimension, or lifetime.

I recently got the chance to exhibit a couple of my “Time Machines” at the Verge Art Brooklyn fair with Firecat Projects from Chicago, IL, where I am from. I really enjoyed being a part of the fair, getting to know the arts community in Dumbo, and meeting a lot of  interesting and supportive people in Brooklyn. I hope to be back soon and to show more of my work in this awesome city.