The Alliance for Downtown New York today announced the installation of Malin Abrahamsson’s Downtown Dogs, which borders the Department of Environmental Protection Water Tunnel #3 shaft site at Grand and Lafayette streets. The 250-foot mural is printed on mesh and covers a 12-foot-tall wire fence.

Downtown Dogs is an artwork inspired by the children’s game “Pass the Pigs,” a board game using little pigs as die. Scores are left to chance and depend on the way the pigs land on the board. Using the game as a starting point, Abrahamsson substituted the figurines with dogs, an animal dear to her but also one that’s more commonly encountered in the city. Intended to liven up the streetscape with its playful graphics and vibrant colors, the work serves as a reminder to all hard-working New Yorkers to always leave some time for play, but also of the infinite and unpredictable chances the city offers.

“Commercial art, graphic design, and underground street art—originally three separate visual practices—become one in Downtown Dogs,” Abrahamsson said. “Not only do I enjoy taking my art practice outside of the studio, but the collaborative aspect of a project like this is also incredibly rewarding. I hope this piece will be a bit of a colorful surprise to those who happen upon it. That would be the ultimate reward.”

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