Brooklyn Artists Gym presents the first installment of their Process series, the goal of which is to share, compare, and explore the myriad ways in which artists arrive at a finished work. Artists  exhibit finished pieces, along with the images, sketches, photographs, notes, and materials that helped them arrive there.

Opening reception is from 6-10pm, Jan 29., on display January 22 through February 12th

Participating artists: Paul Behnke, Mike Berlant, Pamela Cardwell, Kat Chua Markusen, Stasia Chung, Jason Kass, Susan Klein, Rebecca Kinsey, Peggy Klineman, Jeffrey Marshall, Vincent Romaniello, Rob Rogers, Meghan Wilbar, Sandra Wolle, Heidi Yockey, and Melanie Paterson.

Curated by Meredith Alcarese.

The Gallery is open
Monday-Friday 11-5
Saturday 12-4

Brooklyn Artists Gym | 168 7th Street | Brooklyn | NY | 11215