PARADISE 2 at Proteus Gowanus investigates Paradise, in all its infinite variety, continuing to unfold through art, artifacts and books.

Saturday, January 15 at 7 pm, Proteus Gowanus presents the opening reception of the 2nd Paradise exhibition, featuring the work of 15 artists, designers and architects.
Some of these works examine the inward aspect of Paradise, evoking states of happiness, exaltation or — less heavenly — the struggle to achieve perfect inner harmony. Others have turned toward the future, imagining urban utopias, culinary perfection and even the rendering of heaven itself.

In the coming months, they will host more events exploring Paradise
through music, food, philosophy, architecture, religion, nostalgia and technology and invite people to attend and contribute their own thoughts and ideas to the yearlong project.

Contributors to Paradise 2
Diane Bertolo
Micheline Gingras
Marcia Hillis
Leslie Kerby
Peter Ketcham
Tom Klinkowstein
Patricia McDonough
Lisanne McTernan
Eva Melas
Joseph Motroni
Adine Sagalyn
Erik Schurink
Theo Stewart Stand
Terreform One
Kit Warren

Proteus Gowanus , 543 Union Street, #1C, Brooklyn, NY 11215