Proteus Gowanus presents a conversation with writer, theorist, and media artist Svetlana Boym, who argues in her most recent book, Another Freedom: The Alternative History of an Idea that since “Fortunately, paradise has already been lost”, the time has come to co-create freedom in this world.

Boym, Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard, explores the idea and experience of freedom in politics and arts across cultures suggesting that our attempts to imagine freedom should be more adventurous, occupying the space not only of “what is” but also “what if.”

Boym proposes a new vocabulary for the experience of freedom that is explored as co-creation in the public world and an adventure in judging, acting and thinking that is open to paradigm shifts as well as change of hearts and minds.

543 Union Street, down the alley off Nevins

No Longer In Paradise: Co-creating Freedom
with Svetlana Boym
Friday, January 21, 7 pm
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