Come join us to explore what it means to artists in Brooklyn and beyond to discuss the ways in which our neighborhoods change, grow, and gripe.

Gentrification on display December 18 through January 8
Opening reception from 6 – 10pm, December 18

Gallery hours: 11am – 6pm weekdays, 11:30am – 4:30pm Saturdays. Sundays closed.

Participating artists: Patrick Bradley, Travis Childers, Tess Catalano, Fernando Cordero, Sherry Davis, Chris Esposito, Faith Gabel, Elizabeth Gerdeman, Norma Greenwood, Katherine Gressel, Lousie Guerin, Phillip Gutman, Ian Hall, YK Hong, Milan Jilka, Richard Kessler, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Melissa McCutcheon, Gabrielle Piedmonte, Geoffrey Raymond, Jennifer Revit, Ian Schwartz, and Alexandria Smith.

Brooklyn Artists Gym | 168 7th Street | Brooklyn | NY | 11215