Aryn Zev and Melissa J. Frost
Wednesday, December 29
7 – 11PM

The first collaboration between media performance artist Aryn Zev and sculptor/designer Melissa J. Frost takes their spontaneous, late night photo shoot in an abandoned loft on Greenpoint Avenue as a starting point.  Responding to a disruptive but transformative experience in living situation, the two rely on their different backgrounds to form a therapeutic and artistic release.  Aryn’s approach focuses on aestheticizing fiberglass as inhumanly uncomfortable material for dressing the body.  Melissa’s obsession with abandoned spaces is combined with her urge to organize the random belongings in the building according to color.  The title “Pink and Yellow” refers to the two protagonists as well as the colors of the building’s insulation material so prominent in the photos. Using photos, sound, light, and projection, Monospace will be transformed into a pink and yellow environment  that recreates the atmosphere of the abandoned loft. Since the shoot, Aryn and Melissa are building a new loft together in Greenpoint.

1037 Manhattan Ave, #4FR
11222 Brooklyn NY