Moco Jumbie, 2009

Broko Foot, 2009

Skin, 2008

Shuck and Jive, 2009

Trinidadian born artist Romy Scheroder received her BFA in Ceramics from Florida Atlantic University and her MFA in Sculpture from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In addition to having worked more than a decade in the gallery and museum industry, Romy has taught at a number of institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania and currently at Green Mountain College. She has exhibited in a number of venues domestically and abroad, including The Asian Arts Initiative, Brunei Gallery, Exit Art, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Woman Made Gallery and university museums including Norwich University, the State University of New York at Brockport, The University of the Arts and the University of Tennessee.

Artist’s Statement
As a Trinidadian born artist, themes of identity and displacement run through my current sculptural work.  As a sculptor and conceptual crafter my process is meditative and time intensive.  It involves removing the functionality from domestic objects and furniture, transforming their utility through a complex process of embellishment and alteration. I am drawn to marrying materials and objects that can upset or distort reality, alternately evoking disquiet, sentimentality, and the sense of the strangely familiar.  In my recent work the chair has been the dominant form.  This is because it is suggestive of the human body, and the female form in particular due to its connotations of domesticity and utility.  I am interested in exploring how this form may be skewed through displacement, and how emotion may be communicated through structure and material.