1.  Brooklyn: An Art Community, BedStuy, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas and Paper, 34″ W x 26″ H (framed), 2009.
2.  Brooklyn: An Art Community, Bushwick, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas and Paper, 34″ W x 26″ H (framed), 2009.
3.  Brooklyn: An Art Community, Fort Greene, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas and Paper, 34″ W x 26″ H (framed), 2009.

Artist Statement
My work has focused on the challenge of taking painting to another level where it blends with sculpture and installation.  Using methods of constructing and deconstructing, I am constantly re-using and re-purposing my artwork.  One series literally leads to another, where previous series of works are cut, torn and sewn back together again into new series of works which may again be reconstructed into yet another art form.  The past always present in the current and future works, they tell a story of my progression as an Artist, and question the finality of Art.

I often use word play, theatrics and general political topics as a way to communicate opinions that ultimately define an observation about the Art world itself.  Recently I have been interested in involving the audience more in the decision making of the deconstruction process.  I am working on three series currently, “The Chopping Block,” “Bits & Pieces” and “Hung Out to Dry.”  All of these works have been influenced by my changes of situation during this Recession.  I will soon be posting works to viewers in order to get their opinion on what works will remain intact, and what will ultimately be “destroyed” or transformed into a new life as another form of Art.