New-Age-BlondieNew Age Blondie
30″H x 30″W

Muffin-Trespassing-in-the-Garden-of-Ideal-BeautyMuffin Trespassing in the Garden of Ideal Beauty
Acrylic on canvas,Photo Dyes,found photo
40″H x 36″W

My-First-Grade-Coloring-BookMy First Grade Coloring Book
Large hand-colored print
24″H x 24″W

Artist Statement
Emerging, Mid career & Near-Death

The title reflects the rigid categories set by the art establishment which refers to emerging, middle and mature stage artists . Like fruit fly larvae I guess. When one is really really old in this culture –like 68– the last stage of artistic development must be Near-death. So this latest work reflects ithe near-death stage of my career.

Critics have labeled my work Retropop, Grandpop and Folkpop Art. Whatever, as the kids say. The work is derived from actual images and words found in printed ephemera — snapshots, ads, postcards, comics, coloring books etc. from 1867 -1950’s. Every word in the mixed-media work appeared in print somewhere. I invented none of it.

I am interested in subjects ranging from the origin and perpetuation of stereotypes to the death of civility. My work looks at the impermanence of individuals and the long afterlife of their prejudices and foibles.