Palm Springs 6, acrylic and aquarelle on panel, 34×60


Palm Springs 5, acrylic and aquarelle on panel, 34×48


Retreat, acrylic and aquarelle on panel, 34×28

Artist Statement

My recent work investigates the shadows of the American middle-class landscape. I locate surface qualities that both seduce and haunt, simultaneously evoking my own middle-class desires and a recognition of the feebleness of those desires: things coming and going. A vantage point. Translating those surface qualities becomes a way to work through the tensions within my creative life; I want both beauty and grit, just as, perhaps, I want aspects of the suburban dream as well as the right to criticize it.

By following the areas of seduction- palm trees against a pink sky, the sweep of a smooth concrete driveway–  the contradictions of suburban desires present themselves. The darker, less-defined areas mark an entrance into the real domestic life of the place. Ideas and longings flicker and disappear.  A walkway leading to a house, possibly a home, is barely visible in the darkness of night – or obscured by memory itself. The empty spaces hold something.