Lexi No. 2

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught photographer who grew up in Dallas, TX and now live in New York City. When creating my work I look for interesting colors, patterns, and textures that will create a dynamic palette in the final photo. I am intrigued by the interaction of humans and nature to create “hidden” art. This hidden art presented as abstract photography with dramatic colors and textures has now become a very prominent feature in my work.

The body of work that I am working on currently is Water Colors. The Water Colors Collection combines my intrigue in the art of painting and my love of photography and colors. Water Colors initially appear, perhaps, as an artist’s painting but could be called “nature’s paintings” because nature and time provide the texture and patterns that transform the ordinary subjects into discovered art. This art is then captured through the lens of the camera.

Water Colors photos are taken with a digital camera and software is used to brighten the colors to their rich and vibrant levels. Every Water Colors print is unique and everyone’s “vision” individual.