“Hair Urchin”
Oil based ink on white rag paper (paper origin unknown)
16 x 16 in.

“She never saw it coming either”
Oil based ink on white Arches paper
30 x 22 in.


“Vanity Curls”
22 x 30 in.
Oil based ink on white Arches paper

Artist Statement

My artistic vision takes traditionally unsavory subjects and playfully seeks to extract beauty from them, suggesting that the viewer always take a second look–that which repulses us has equal capacity to attract and fascinate.  Having previously used human hair to render line physical in paintings, I am now using drawing and printmaking to achieve the effect of hair (the whirl, the loop, the ringlet) without reverting to a material so burdened by its historical connotations. I find that the immediacy of drawing–either in the traditional sense or via monotypes–lends itself to my process of constructing dense forms out of line en masse.  In larger conceptual terms, I am greatly informed by the idea of the abject, the gendered, and the liminal in these recent explorations. Through ongoing experimentation with line quality and layering, I have come closer to the place I had been seeking with these new works: an oeuvre that flirts with the universal by emphasizing the curious and unexpected.