Under The Brooklyn Bridge

Japanese Garden

Red Hook

Artist Statement

I moved to Brooklyn 22 years ago to study at Pratt Institute. I had a great teacher, David Passalacqua. I studied with him at Pratt and then for 14 years after that. The education I received was filled with wisdom that continues to slowly unfold each day.

Years back, I gave myself a project to create a poster that I would publish on my own. I chose Brooklyn as my theme since I had just spent a lot of time photographing and drawing Red Hook and Coney Island and I truly love the borough. I began thumbnailing and decided to create images with the feel of folk art and quilts. I decided that collages would best convey the pictures I wanted to make. Above are three of my favorite collages form the poster, Red Hook, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Today my goal is to create art, to be surrounded by art and continue to be inspired by art from all walks of life. I love art.