“Still Life With Stapler”

“Summer BBQ”

“Quality Beer”
Artist’s Statement
I started painting after years of cartooning and graphic design. Simply put, I do it to record people and things I appreciate: a performer, a street scene, an icon, a message, old signs, a moment in time, a song or a dream. It’s an exercise, and the process satisfies in me a need to create the old fashioned way: with my hands.

When painting, I often concentrate on design elements and layout. I pick my colors to enhance and fit the mood of a subject. Humans are keenly tuned in to patterns, balance and color, so I leverage them to intensify mood and stimulate the eye.


Simple Pleasures opens at the Art Bar in Manhattan’s West Village in November and runs through Feb. 15. The opening is 6-9 p.m. Nov. 19 at Art Bar, 52 Eighth Ave., near Horatio Street.