Elizabeth Jordan, “I’ll Fly Away”

Elizabeth Jordan, “Leisurama”

Elizabeth Jordan, “Lives of Birds”

Elizabeth Jordan, “Mantle World”

Elizabeth Jordan


Gowanus, Brooklyn

Artist Statement
My work incorporates found materials, recycled wood, wire, paper mache and claystone, and illustrates objects both familiar and symbolic. Together they represent the development of a vocabulary of pieces that can interact together to create a narrative, or they can exist as separate, iconic works. This vocabulary consists of (among other things) ladders, crosses, bird’s nests and wings, bones, hearts, guitars, towers and artifacts. They are objects which illustrate the two main concerns in my work: my love of the natural world and an interest in religion and the questions it poses. In addition, I am intrigued by the mysterious meanings of objects, whether they are ordinary items, like tools, extraordinary items like weapons, or artifacts of nature, like nests and driftwood.

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